The HSPPPM's 2019 Annual Congress will take place in Budapest:
TIME: February 22-23, 2019 (Friday and Saturday)
VENUE: Benczúr Hotel Budapest,
Address: Benczúr utca 35, 1068 Budapest, Hungary.
In case you are interested in attending the conference, kindly contact us via email: mpppot-at-gmail.com


The Hungarian Society of Pre- and Perinatal Psychology and Medicine was founded in 1996 as the Hungarian member of the ISPPM, the International Society for Pre- and Perinatal Medicine. The HSPPPM was founded by Dr. György HIDAS, and by Ph.D. Jenő RAFFAI. 

The HSPPPM researches the prenatal and perinatal periods, fetal experiences and fetal competencies, mother-fetus communications, experiences of the mother and the newborn around birth, early attachment, and the cognitive and affective disorders of all these. The HSPPPM emphasizes the need of further development of therapeutic methods that are based on a deeper understanding of the prenatal experiences. The Society's approach is holistic and interdisciplinary. 

Contact us at: mpppot @ gmail.com 

facebook: www.facebook.com/mpppot

linkedIN: www.linkedin.com/company/hungarian-society-of-pre--and-perinatal-psychology-and-medicine

Mailing address: 12 Jokai Street, Budapest, Hungary 1066. 


Board Members of the HSPPPM

President: Dr. Péter BÖDECS, obstetrician, psychotherapist. 
Dr. Bodecs Peter, President

Dr. Bödecs works at the Szent György Health Center in Győr, Karolina Hospital in Mosonmagyaróvár, and at the Margit Hospital in Csorna, Hungary. 






Vice Presidents: 

Andrea ANDREK, psychologist. Andrek Andrea, Vice President

Ms. Andrek is a member of the HSPPPM since 1996, board member since 2004 and vice president since 2015. She is one of the founding members of the perinatal consultant course at the ELTE University that was launched in 2007, as a program of the ELTE University and the HSPPPM. Since its beginning, she has been the coordinator and a teacher of the course. 


Zsuzsanna LIPTÁKNÉ HORVÁTH, manager, perinatal consultant. 
Rabovay Horvath Zsuzsa, Vice President

Mrs. Liptakne is a member and board member of the HSPPPM since 2015, vice president since 2016. Holding MA degrees in English and Hungarian language and literature, she worked as the executive assistant of the Copenhagen Consensus Center think tank for a decade. Currently she is on maternity leave. 






Members of the Board: 

Krisztina GITIDISZNÉ GYETVÁN, health visitor.

Mrs. Gitidisz is the Secretary of the MAVE (Hungarian Health Visitors Association). Gitidisz






Dr. Éva HADHÁZI PhD, psychologist, mother-fetus bonding analyst. Dr. Hadhazi Eva







Judit Eszter MOLNÁR, clinical psychologist Molnár Judit Eszter






Rita NOVÁKY, midwife.  Novaky

Ms. Nováky is a former president of the Hungarian National Association of Midwives







Katalin OROSZ, clinical psychologist.Orosz Katalin

Ms. Orosz is the founding and leading psychologist of the Perinatus Foundation and of the Kheiron Transpersonal Psychology Center.






Dr. Attila ÚJVÁRI, obstetrician  MPPPOT Elnokseg Ujvari Attila